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Sumavision is authorized as the official solution provider to cable operatorsin the United State
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Recently, Sumavision is authorized as the official solution provider. As the solution provider of top level stations such as FOX, CBS, NBC, Sumavision is well known by its stable, reliable, good performance and full services. With the approval of Cable Television Cooperative authorization, Sumavision brand is listed in The Cooperative venders’ shortlist. In order to give operators better support and services, and also make all operators known about Sumavision, a R&D center was established in Silicon Valley in 2013, and a local sales and service team is setup in 2014. 

Cable Television Cooperative began as a business project of the Mid America Cable Association in 1980’s, and has grown to serve over 950 cable companies across the United States. The Cooperative provides member cable companies access to programming networks and industry leading technology companies and products, and is a not-for-profit corporation.

The Cooperative members are looking for a cost-efficient but also high-tech solution for their system which is different from Tier 1 operators request. Sumavision is the top brand and having the most of market share in China. In overseas market, technical strength and service reputation has been accepted by clients. After strict verification of the company qualification, annual reports, product audit, Sumavisionenters the short list of The Cooperative venders and is authorized by The Cooperative as the official solution, equipment, technical, and services provider to cable operators in the United State.

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